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Taking In the View Inside Your Elevators

Penny Willimann

Elevator Cab Restoration

There isn’t much to do during an elevator ride – it’s pretty boring.  This is why riders have plenty of time to pause and take in the view of your elevator, both inside and out.

What the riders see gives them an instant impression of your building. This is one reason it’s very important to keep your building’s elevator finishes well-maintained and looking lovely.


Most elevators have metal doors and frames, with varying materials inside, including metal, wood and marble.  Because they get a wide variety of traffic, the doors, walls and floors frequently suffer from scratches, dings and scrapes, and sometimes even vandalism.

Elevator doors are at particularly high risk due to the types of metals most commonly used (stainless, bronze, painted, etc.). These metals look great but tend to easily take on dings and scratches.  If not maintained properly, the appearance looks sloppy over time.  The damage may even shorten the useful life of the doors.


We recommend regular quarterly elevator check-ups, as well as an annual elevator restoration.  During the annual restoration, Metal-Brite will do a comprehensive top-to-bottom restoration, including the removal of all dings and scratches to the doors, refinishing any wooden surfaces and polishing and honing any marble or stone.  During the quarterly check-ups we will remove any stubborn prints and stains, and repair any significant dings or scratches.


Save money and plan your budget more effectively by including the maintenance and restoration of your elevator cab finishes in your annual preventive maintenance program.

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